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At Javidan Wellness Center, we are greatful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials.

I used to get a lot of Migraines (about 1 per week), but now I don’t. I might get some headaches, but they go away naturally now. It has also helped my acid reflux. I can actually eat a lot more different foods.

- JC

I had frequent neck pain due to the nature of my work which involves sitting in front of my computer for long hours and straining my neck a lot. After I started my Chiropractic care with Dr. Javidan and received treatment for about a couple of months, I saw great relief for my neck pain and now am very flexible with my neck. Now, I can work long hours and still feel great without any neck issues.

- VK

I have been seeing Dr. J for just over 2 months. In that time my neck, middle back/shoulders and lower back pain has decreased substantially. Before seeing Dr. J I was taking muscle relaxers in order to sleep though the night. As a result of my treatment I no longer need the medication to get a night of restful sleep. Now I feel more energized and wake up feeling relaxed. Thanks Dr. J.

- JL

I first heard about Dr. J at the mall where they were giving free massages. I got the massage and I came in for an appointment and talked to Dr. J. I had been having upper and lower back pain for a few years and had been to a couple of Chiropractors and they didn’t work. After speaking to Dr. J and taking an x-ray I knew this was something I needed to do if I wanted my pain to go away. Only after a few visits, I was already feeling a lot better and had changed my attitude. My back is feeling great. I am so glad I made this decision. If you are worried about the cost, it is very affordable. I started treatments without a job and Dr. J has great payment plans for you to choose from. Best decision I have made! Thanks Dr. J!!!

- MS

When I came here I was crying. I had back pain, I could hardly move my neck. I had so much headaches because of my neck. I was using a cane to get here! I was afraid of letting go for fear of falling. Now, after these treatments and massage it made me feel a lot better. I am not using my cane anymore and my neck is not stiff anymore. I can move a lot better. I recommend Doc to anybody. I thank you very much.

- CB


New patients recive an initial consultation, exam, X-rays (if needed) & adjustment for $50.00

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