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Chiropractic: We offer a chiropractic service that not only addresses your symptoms but is also intended to correct your particular underlying issue. While traditional chiropractic care is fine in most cases, not all types of chiropractic techniques are intended to make corrections. Correcting the problem when possible is crucial. This will ensure longer lasting benefits instead of short term relief. Below is an example of a patient undergoing corrective care in our office.

Case study: The patient below came to our office complaining of neck pain, tight/tense shoulder & neck muscles and headaches. Over a period of 5 months, he had a tremendous recovery. Not only was his pain reduced dramatically but the underlying issue he had for years was also corrected.

The picture on the left was taken prior to starting care. The picture on the right was taken 5 months later.

xray image

Massage Therapy: We offer deep tissue therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, sports massage. Our therapists work effectively with your body to relieve stress & tension from all those tight/achy muscles. We implement massage into our treatment programs & it compliments the chiropractic care very well.

Physical Therapy: Rehabilitation is an important part of the overall therapy. This aspect of care ensures your body is getting & staying stronger. Without this part, the gains are partial. Therefore it is very necessary.

X-ray: Dr. Javidan is certified as an X-ray operator & supervisor. Patients often need x-rays done on thier inital visit and at JavidanWellness Center we can do them onsite so there is no need to have a referral.

Soft tissue procedures: Our approach is to treat the muscles and ligaments that support the joints in order to obtain more desirable results.

Dr. Javidan has taken advanced courses in the NIMMO technique for trigger point therapy, as well as incorporating neuromuscular re-education (NMR) and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques into his treatments to lengthen injured muscles, heal torn ligaments, and restore normal muscle function.


  • Moist Heat & Infrared Therapy
  • Manual & Mechanical Traction
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Spinal Traction Table
  • Massage Devices

Execrcise: Dr. Javidan utilizes specific strengthening/stretching methods to improve strength, proprioception, stamina, flexibility AND to maintain overall health and well-being.

Most often, these exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness and stability of your spinal correction between treatment visits.

Lifestyle coaching is also provided to correct certain habits that may be aggravating factors and to encourage more active lifestyles.

Ergonomic evaluations: If you’re like most people, sitting at your workstation for 8 hours a day wreaks havoc on your neck, shoulders, and back. Getting a professional workstation evaluation may be crucial to preventing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, upper extremity tendonitis, tension headaches, and chronic lower back pain.

Dr. Javidan instructs patients on proper computer use techniques and is also called to surrounding companies to evaluate workstation set-ups.


New patients recive an initial consultation, exam, X-rays (if needed) & adjustment for $50.00

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